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How Increase Your Blog Traffic

Pouring time and effort into writing copy and creating content for a blog is pointless if no one reads it. Making great content can require serious time but as Rand Fishkin shows in this Whiteboard Friday there are many tactics out there that anyone can use to improve their blog readership. Here are five more of the smartest tactics I’ve read recently around the web. None are hard to implement and all could have a significant effect on your traffic, links and shares.
1. Share More Than Once This first tip comes from Garrett Moon, who suggests in a post on KISSmetrics that companies aren’t sharing their blog content nearly as much as they ought to. Many of us have the mentality of “share once and forget”. We publish something on our blog and distribute it across all our social media channels once. But what about all those people who missed that initial communication?

A much better solution is to share each blog post multiple times, depending on the platform, in a timely fashion. For e…

10 Marketing Hacks

Here are 10 easy marketing moves, based on Satterfield's book, that you can do today to reach and win customers.

1. Offer something substantial for free. Conventional business wisdom maintains that giving freebies to prospective clients is a dumb way to do business. However, if you're not offering at least something for free, you'll lose customers you otherwise might win.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in mobile apps, where nearly every product starts free and then becomes pay to play. However, the same tactic works in B2B. Many SMBs provide prospects with a free report or white paper.

2. Hone your marketing content. Many companies have marketing materials written in boring corporate talk and unnecessarily complicated technical jargon. Here's a trick: Read your marketing content aloud; if you sound like Dilbert's pointy-headed boss, it needs rewriting.

To create content for your site that captures the ongoing interest of potential customers, aim for the tone you…

The Best Data Visualization Tools - In my humble opinion

When creating data visualizations, there are two primary options: hiring a data visualization specialist/agency or using data visualization software.
We’ve compiled a list of the tools we know and like – the one that’s right for you will vary based on your specific project needs, but these will give you a start:
MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop

MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop is a fast and user-friendly software for visual data analytics. Quick to download and install, this visualization software allows you to get to work quickly. Included sample data and pre-built interactive dashboards further serve to lower the learning curve.

MicroStrategy allows you to connect any database you like, import Excel spreadsheets/CSV files and even import data from an online source. What’s more, you can blend multiple data sources and types to gain the exact insights you need.

The basic version is free and allows for simplistic, but insightful, visualization…

How to Get More Email List Subscribers

Savvy online marketers will tell you “the money’s in the list!” but that’s not entirely true. What they should be saying is that the money’s in the quality of the list, rather than the quantity of subscribers. Lists with a few hundred dedicated customers can outperform lists of 10,000 or more generic “freebie seekers” when you focus on building relationships instead of counting sales.
So how do you attract the right kind of people? How do you get interested visitors to become eager subscribers? Keep reading for 10 outstanding list building tips you can’t afford to miss.

1. Make Your Submit Button Interact with the User

We’ve already discussed how red and green can affect perception. And yet, just about every conversion test you’ll see advocates the use of a big, red call to action button. But what if you made the submit button interact with and react to the user’s action?

One marketer did just that, testing a submit button with a red border that changed to green when the mouse was moved…

Twitter’s New Buttons: Share your experience

Christmas is a time for sharing, but when it comes to Twitter, it’s no longer a time for knowing your share counts after the social media platform scrapped this stat on Friday (20 November) as part of an update to its ‘Tweet’ and ‘Follow’ buttons.

Whether you’re using that Twitter share count to measure the value of your brand’s content, or if you just like watching the numbers go up for an ego boost (we’re all guilty of that!), you will be disappointed Twitter has removed the count. But don’t worry, there’s a still a way to find this information – we show you how.Why is Twitter removing share counts?Firstly, it makes sense to explain why Twitter has removed this seemingly very important metric. Twitter has given a technical reason for the update, it has said this is part of the migration from its older Cassandra system to the new Manhattan “real-time, multi-tenant distributed” database.

But Twitter has also implied that it doesn’t feel this metric offers enough information about Twitte…

Google Search Console: A Beginner's Guide

Since Google Webmaster Tools first launched around 10 years ago, its been the first port of call for webmasters diagnosing issues with their website. In 2015 that hasn’t changed. We may have sophisticated tools for monitoring web projects and software that shows us our data in a million different segments, but Webmaster Tools remains as valuable today as ever.

Webmaster Tools in 2007I should mention first and foremost that as of May 2015, it is no longer called Webmaster Tools but in fact, Google Search Console. It’s essentially the same set of tools, just with a different name and a greater focus on making the data within more accessible and open to less tech-savvy people. It follows a couple of minor UI changes and an overhaul of the ‘Search Queries’ tool. Check out Google’s John Mueller reminiscing over Webmaster Tool below…

So what is Google Search Console?
It is a free and useful way for webmasters to view their own website the way that Google sees it. It features the following inf…

SEO - The Future Beckons

For several years we have been hearing that SEO is dead, and I do get a little fed up of it. SEO isn’t dying, it’s evolving. It’s growing up, we are becoming a more mature industry that is looking for long term growth, not short term results that lead to failure.
89 major algorithm updates in 4 years

Since the start of 2011 Google has released 89 major updates to it’s algorithm with the aim of improving the results provided to the user. These updates include the following:

First released in February 2011, there has been over 29 recorded updates to the Panda algorithm. The initial update affected 12% of english speaking search queries worldwide, and led to well known brands suffering.

Panda cracked down on websites with thin content, content farms and high ad-to-content ratio. Businesses such as eHow were hugely effected, taking traffic levels down to 10s of thousands from 100s of thousands.

Penguin First hit in April 2012, the Penguin update aimed at reducing many spam factors and af…

Twitter Polls Vs. Google Consumer Surveys

This month Twitter rolled out a polling functionality to all users. With just two options and running for only 24 hours, the polls are very simplistic and are very unlikely to set the world of market research alight. But as proponents of more agile and nimble ways of conducting research we were intrigued to find out how and indeed whether this new tool worked. So we put it to the test.

We set up a poll from the FreshMinds Twitter account, asking our followers to vote on whether they preferred Halloween or Bonfire Night- a tough choice for many, myself included! And we decided to ask the same question on Google Consumer Surveys to see how the two tools compared.

Interestingly both surveys returned broadly similar results. Bonfire Night came out on top, gaining 59% of the vote on Twitter, 63.6% on Google Surveys. But in the course of the experiment we learnt much more than that consumers prefer Bonfire Night , we discovered some of the positives and drawbacks of both tools.

Twitter pollsT…

Get Google Adsense Approval within 3 days – Top Tips

Google AdSense! One of the most easiest, trusted and professional way of earning money by showing your passion towards writing and sharing the knowledge. Google AdSense is trusted by many advertisers and publishers from the past few years, and usually they never accept anyone randomly who is trying to apply for an account. You need to show them the most professional approach of getting your account accepted, else Google will simply throw your application aside.

Statistics say that Google AdSense accepts only 3 accounts of every 1000 applications they receive each day. If you are trying to get onto the account or has been rejected earlier, follow these simple guidelines to get your own AdSense account in just 3 simple days. Though these below tips won’t get you the account approved instantly, but will surely work if you try inheriting each step mentioned below. I’m sure it worked for 60% of people who commented here and mailed me from the past couple of years.

Get Google AdSense Approv…

10 tips to build a successful e-newsletter

Email marketing has become a crucial activity for many small businesses. An email newsletter often is often their main mode of engaging customers, building loyalty and driving sales. It’s not rocket science, but email marketing the right way does require basic know-how. And while we could have come up with a top 100 list, if you follow these 10 small business marketing tips, you’ll be on your way to creating an effective email newsletter to help build your business. 1. Only Send Email to People You Know Emailing complete strangers is spam. Emailing customers and others with whom you have only a slight acquaintance is, at best, a waste of time.

“The stronger the relationship you have with a person, the more likely he or she is to respond to your email,” said Eric Groves, senior vice president of global market development at Constant Contact, an email marketing services firm.

“If you send email to people you don’t know, the first thing they’re going to say is, ‘Do I know you?’ and the …